Centre boasts over 5,000 artefacts

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<p>Since its establishment in 1982, it has contributed a lot to the province’s tourism sector.</p>

<p>The Madang Museum and cultural centre was opened in 1982 and since then, has been contributing in development in the tourism sector.</p>

<p>Acting curator of the museum, Joanne Arek, said the centre boasts a collection of more than 500 traditional artefacts and war relics found in the area and in the neighbouring province of East Sepik.</p>

<p>“In the museum, we have about 500 collections. We provide information on the attraction sights here in Madang, like most of the time we provide marketing for the province,” explains Arek.</p>

<p>“The centre is funded yearly on a quarterly basis by the Madang Provincial Government.</p>

<p>“We are under the provincial government under commerce and tourism branch so our funding comes from the Madang Provincial Government to run the place.</p>

<p>“The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) only provides assistance in trainings and product development.”</p>

<p>She further says two international visitors from Denmark and the United States shared their experience about how media portrayed a negative image about Papua New Guinea.</p>

<p>“So angry about everything we’ve read online.</p>

<p>“The people in Papua are open and kind and I really love this country.”</p>

<p><em>(Madang Museum – Picture: Expedia)</em></p>