Destiny Transformation school’s career fair

<p>Destiny Transformation School in Gerehu Stage 3B in the nation’ capital today have their Career Fair that involved students performing items based on what they want to be in the future.</p>

<p>The school, which started from a humble beginning in 2015 with a child, now has more than 50 students.</p>

<p>Principal Jacklyn Jack Wilson said the students were taught the Word of God apart from the main basic subjects which is English, Maths and Science.</p>

<p>Today’s career fair involves a team from the Institute of Business Studies who talked to students about what one must have in order to achieve its dreams in life.</p>

<p>“The school aims to equip students with the Word of God because it is a tool that will predetermine their future.”</p>

<p>Mrs Wilson said the aim of the school is to establish Grade 10 classes and higher grades.</p>

<p>Currently, the school has Kindergarten up to Grade 7.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Head girl and the only Grade 7 student Gillian Muyabi described the school as the best and encouraged parents to enroll their kids at the school.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>