Dibagadi landowners frustrated

<p>The community at the Dibagadi NCL 24&nbsp; area at Gabi Hanuabada carried out a mini protest and stopped workers from continuing to fix the pipe line this morning after they alleged that the company needs to meet with them to settle outstanding payment owed to them.</p>

<p>Addressing the media on Saturday the land owners say that they recently met with PUMA representatives who gave them assurance to facilitate for discussions on payments meant for their land.</p>

<p>A frustrated Guba Gaudi spoke about the need for the company to recognize the fact that they have been ignore for over 60 years.</p>

<p>Meantime, Geua Kevau a daughter of the family that owns the land that the pipe runs through spoke emotionally about how no payment has come to them despite assurances given by the company.</p>

<p>Kevau says that they will not allow for work to continue on the pipe line until the company comes back to them to give some assurance about payment owed to their family.</p>