Foot of Mt Bagana sees two gold rush sites

<p>According to reports obtained by Loop PNG in Buka a new site in a place called Kovariana has just been discovered a few days ago, and some people have already mobilised and moved&nbsp; into the area in the past 24 hours.</p>

<p>According to another report fisherman at the coast that borders Nagovis and Torokina known as Marau, a former Police and PNGDF base during the crisis, they have sighted shining dust at the delta of the Jaba River which flows out there.</p>

<p>The Jaba River in Panguna flows through the lower tailings down in Tumpusiong valley and comes out in Marau. All the gold that miners in Panguna mine for the largest quantity now lies underneath the mouth of the Jaba River and it has now been discovered by fishermen.</p>

<p>There was huge rain in Panguna and the Jaba River was flooded, after the flooding subsided fisherman on the coast, with the refection from the lamps saw shiny particles moving in the water, they thought it was fish but wasn’t it was gold dust.</p>

<p>Moving in millions it has now gone down into the ocean and a lot of them are believed to be stuck in the sediments along the sand in the coast line.</p>

<p>In Torokina clans and tribes are now digging in their own traditional land plots in and around the foot of Mount Bagana.</p>

<p>Kovariana is &nbsp;situated at the west side of Nount Bagana and the whole circle at the foot of the mountain is now covered. According to reports Kovariana&nbsp; people are digging out nuggets according to local diggers.</p>


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