IEA college of Tafe offers second chance to school leavers

<p>With school year set to kick-off, Tafe in Port Moresby hosted a successful open day over two days beginning January 19.</p>

<p>The open day allows interested public to see what programs are offered at Tafe and different levels available for grades 10 and 12s respectively.</p>

<p><em>Loop PNG</em> met up with Aiyung Safatos – Coordinator for IEA TAFE open day to talk about TAFE:</p>

<p>“We are targeting these children who have missed out on placements in our government institution, we are giving them a second chance to complete programs we have here.&nbsp;</p>

<p>“Our program ae very good programs in terms of providing a pathway for students.</p>

<p>“Our programs are very competitive, and it meets the requirements of the workforce here in PNG.</p>

<p>“So you can see that at the end of the program, 90 percent of our students are employed even before graduating, this is a very high percentage compared to other institutions. We also include application writing for letter writing, interview skills are also taught, making it easy for them to secure a job.</p>

<p>“Our intake last year was more than 500 and this year we aim to take in more than 500 as well.</p>

<p>“Though we are expensive, the quality is here. It’s not about the theory, it’s about how competent the learner is, so there’s a lot of practical skills involved in our learning.</p>

<p>“Our selection is open to grade 12, but school-leavers in grade 10 can come.</p>

<p>“This year will be a good year, but before it becomes a good year, it has to go through challenges.</p>

<p>“To parents, there’s a second chance for your children so don’t give up.”</p>

<p>Tafe has been in PNG for more than 10 years, with campuses in Mt Hagen – Bamboo Heights, Lae – Coronation College, Kimbe – Kimbe Tafe.</p>

<p>For further information, visit the website <a href=""></a></p&gt;

<p>Contacts are:</p>

<p>Ela Beach: (675) 321 3025 / Coronation: (675) 472 1011 / Mt Hagen: (675) 542 0044 / Kimbe: (675) 983 5078</p>

<p>Enquiries can be sent to: <a href=""></a></p&gt;