Inaugural winners of Tony Subam Fellowship

<p>Sambra Aikit&nbsp;is a Papua New Guinean contemporary band formed by&nbsp;<a href="; target="_blank">UPNG Creative Arts &amp; Music&nbsp;</a>graduates in 2013.</p>

<p>In January 2016 the Wantok Musik Foundation, in association with APRA AMCOS, launched the inaugural&nbsp;Tony Subam Fellowship&nbsp;– announcing their first ever young, up and coming winners;&nbsp;Sambra Aikit.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Sambra Aikit was formed by a collection of like-minded students sharing their musical influences by popular Melanesian bands such as Sanguma, Tumbuna 84, Tambaran Culture, Tribal Chants and Mosong.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Paying&nbsp;tribute to traditional Papua New Guinean music, Sambra Aikit strive to maintain their cultural roots in sound; intricately weaving Melanesian elements with contemporary music across the four tracks of their debut EP release, "Motomse".</p>

<p>The region of East Sepik, especially in Maprik, is well known for their long yams and tall <em>haus tambaran</em>, and Sepik River people are known for their carvings and elaborate manhood initiation ceremonies; the crocodile initiation being the most prominent where men cut their skin to imitate the river crocodile.&nbsp;</p>

<p>In Abelam language of East Sepik,&nbsp;SAMBRA&nbsp;is defined as ‘custom’ or a ‘custom man’ in the community, meaning an elderly men in a village or clan that supports another nearby village or clan in a time of need, sorrow<strong><em>, </em></strong>facing tribal conflict or that share a common situation<strong><em>.</em></strong>&nbsp;</p>

<p>AIKIT&nbsp;stands for ‘Brother(s)’ in Kandrian language of West New Britain PNG and in pride of their vision,&nbsp;Sambra Aikit aka 'Custom Brothers' endeavour to spread awareness that PNG contemporary music, mixed with the traditional, is thriving and full of vitality.</p>

<p>In celebration of the release of their album, the Moresby Arts Theatre is delighted to host the official launch of Motomse at October 28<sup>th</sup>, at 4pm.</p>