K97, 000 for permanent eye injury

<p>The National Court today ordered the state to pay K97, 272 to Eastern Highlands man Wallan Awaparu after he was injured four years ago at 2 mile hill.</p>

<p>The resident of 2 mile hill settlement suffered permanent loss of vision to his left eye, after he was shot on the morning of 15 March 2014.</p>

<p>He woke up that day to an ethnic clash between Engans and Goilala people and went to investigate&nbsp;the commotion outside his house.</p>

<p>Police arrived in vehicles and fired shots at bystanders. He was shot in the commotion and taken to the Port Moresby General hospital.</p>

<p>Awaparu filed this Human Rights case in court, seeking damages for breaches of human rights. Liability was established after a trial for the permanent eye injury he suffered on his left eye, as a result of the police shooting.</p>

<p>&nbsp;The officer involved was not identified, and the state was listed as a defendant, along with Police Commissioner Gari Baki.</p>

<p>Justice David Cannings today ordered the state to pay to pay a total K97, 272, which includes interest to Awaparu. &nbsp;</p>

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