Lawyer victim of land grabbing

<p>The land, according to him, is registered under the name Moiha Incorporated Land Group (ILG), where an agreement was reached for him to develop.</p>

<p>However, he was surprised that another individual and his family have claimed to be the rightful landowners.</p>

<p>He said if this was the case then they should produce proper documentation to validate their claim.</p>

<p>Mawa said he had gone through all proper land documents with ILG certificates, social maps from the Lands Department before reaching an agreement with the legitimate landowners to develop the piece of land.</p>

<p>To make matters worse, over K200,000 worth of fencing and properties owned by him were allegedly destroyed by police personnel on Friday.</p>

<p>The lawyer, whilst condemning the actions of the police, said they would look at taking legal action against the state for the destruction of property.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, chairman of Moiha ILG, Manga Kauka, said he had registered the land with the help of consultant Victor Kongop as the legitimate landowner and thus went ahead to sign the agreement with Mawa to lease and develop the land.</p>

<p>Moiha ILG secretary, Jimmy Manga, said he was not pleased with the claim by the other individuals as this piece of prime land is primarily owned by his ILG group.</p>

<p><em>(The destroyed fencing)&nbsp;</em></p>