Loop 5@5

<p>Flyover area to be monitored</p>

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<p>The Kumul Flyover was built purposely to enhance Erima, which is deemed the gateway into the Nation’s Capital Port Moresby.</p>


<p>Court reinstates Yama</p>

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<p>The Supreme Court has granted an interim order, re-instating Peter Yama as Madang Governor pending an election petition review.</p>


<p>Motuans call for equal participation</p>

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<p>The Leaders from the Motuan village of Korobosea has called on the National Government to give special Autonomy and help them participates in the economic boom of the city.</p>


<p>Airport police boosted</p>

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<p>The general public and the stakeholders of the Jacksons domestic and international airport can now rest assure as an additional 60 men will be gaining posts at the newly and recently opened Jacksons Airport Police station.</p>


<p>Sir Rod Stewart says Sir Elton John's final tour 'stinks of selling tickets'</p>

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<p>Sir Rod Stewart has given his scathing view on Sir Elton John's retirement tour, saying it "stinks of selling tickets" and is "not rock and roll".</p>