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<p>Auditor General arrested for fraud</p>

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<p>The Auditor General, Philip Nauga was arrested and charged on Tuesday.</p>


<p>Pay compensation or jail term</p>

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<p>A father who was convicted by the National Court for the persistent sexual assault of his daughter has been given a month to pay compensation or face jail time.</p>


<p>Possible armed robbery stopped by police</p>

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<p>Police in Lae had reported that they might have hindered a major armed robbery set to take place.</p>


<p>Babara Age appointed as DFAT Secretary</p>

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<p>The National Executive Council has recently appointed Ms Barbara Age as the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs &amp; Trade.</p>


<p>Stage set for Julia Montes</p>

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<p>Filipino actress Julia Montes is three nights away to visiting Port Moresby.</p>