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<p>K97, 000 for permanent eye injury</p>

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<p>The state will once again pay the cost for the actions of an unidentified member of the Royal PNG Constabulary who shot a by-stander in a tribal fight in Port Moresby, resulting in a permanent eye injury.</p>


<p>Western people call for independent probe into disaster</p>

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<p>The Western Provincial Government is calling for an independent investigation into the cause of 7.5 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Feb 26 in parts of Highlands and Western provinces.</p>


<p>Police warn residents this Easter</p>

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<p>Police will be out and about during the Easter period in the nation’s capital and normal operations of road blocks and vehicle checks will be conducted to ensure safety and security.</p>


<p>Trump keen to meet Kim after 'successful' China talks</p>

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<p>US President Donald Trump has said he is keen to meet Kim Jong-un after being told the North Korean leader's trip to China "went very well".</p>


<p>Germany 0 Brazil 1</p>

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<p>Brazil laid down a marker ahead of the World Cup as they ended defending champions Germany's 22-game undefeated streak with a 1-0 friendly win at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.</p>