Parkop thanks people for trust and confidence


<p>Parkop was officially declared by NCD Election Manager Alwyn Jimmy at Rita Flynn at 11am today.</p>

<p>He was escorted to be declared by Member elect for Moresby-South Justin Tkatchenko.</p>

<p>Parkop signed the Writ witnessed by supporters, counting officials, electoral officials, security personnel and the media.</p>

<p>Meantime, Parkop thanked the people of NCD for having the trust and confidence in him and giving him the mandate to lead a third term in Parliament.</p>

<p>Parkop assured the people that he will continue to do his best to make the city even better.</p>

<p>“I am ready to work with everyone to get the basic things right and continue to develop the city.</p>

<p>“It a big relief for me and I will honor the mandate given to me," he said.</p>

<p>Parkop's supporters are now on convoy around the city.</p>

<p>Meantime, all Writs will be returned to the Governor General today.</p>