Pay compensation or jail term

<p>The victim was 13 when he started sexually touched her over her clothes in 2013.</p>

<p>The incidents took place at their family home and in his vehicle when his wife was not around.</p>

<p>When arrested in 2015, he denied the allegations.</p>

<p>A trial was conducted in the National Court and he was found guilty on 19 February.</p>

<p>The man from NCD was sentenced to seven years in jail today.</p>

<p>He has been given till April 27 to pay K3000 or serve 6 years, 10 months and 3 weeks in jail.</p>

<p>He spent one month and a week at Bomana prior to his sentence, a period that was deducted from that 7 year sentence.</p>

<p>He had an impressive personal record presented to court by his defense team however the court also had to consider the victim’s Impact Statement as well as the state’s submission in deciding his penalty.</p>