Peter Isoaimo declared as Member elect for Kairuku Hiri Open

<p>Isoaimo was officially declared by Kairuku Hiri Returning Officer Tabu Vaira today at Bomana CS.</p>

<p>He was escorted to Bomana by the National Alliance Party leader and Member elect for Aitape Lumi Patrick Pruaitch and three other NA MPs.</p>

<p>Isoaimo signed the Writ witnessed by supporters, counting officials, electoral officers, security personnel and the media.</p>

<p>He thanked the people of Kairuku Hiri for having the trust and confidence in him and giving him the mandate to lead a full five year term after he was elected during the bi election in 2014.</p>

<p>Isoaimo assured that he will now complete all the projects that were not completed over the 3 years since elected in 2014.</p>

<p>Pruaitch announced that Isoaimo was the 15th member for NA to be declared and thanked the people of Kairuku Hiri for their support.&nbsp;</p>