Plans to spread mixed and men’s netball across PNG

<p>&nbsp;“I’m based in Goroka so am working with the Goroka Netball Association to actually include mixed netball as part of their regular netball season, said President, Adam Parker.</p>

<p>“This is to encourage more women to play, not men, women. Because there’s a lot of women there that don’t play netball, but mixed netball is one of those sports that encourages more people to play- whether it’s male or female.</p>

<p>Parker said he will be presenting the format of mixed netball to all the presidents of the different centres at next year’s netball national championships.</p>

<p>“If you look at Port Moresby, you not only have a premier mixed and men’s competition but also a social mixed competition, so in terms of revenue, it can generate a lot of money, particularly the mixed competition because it’s more corporate.</p>

<p>“So that’s the goal over the course of the next 12-24 months- to have more centres playing.</p>

<p>“Alotau plays it, Lae has a competition and Goroka as well.”</p>