Refugees must move out

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<p>Kantha made the statement following the Court ruling, dismissing the application by Behrous Boochani and his lawyer Ben Lomai.</p>

<p>The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the application to put on hold the decommissioning process and restore services at the Manus regional processing center.</p>

<p>Based on that, the acting Chief Migration Officer said that the refuges and asylum seekers no longer have a legal basis to remain at the decommissioned facility.</p>

<p>Kantha reiterated the statement from the Minister for Immigration and Border Security Petrus Thomas, that it is impossible to restore any services there, and they must move immediately for the interest of their own safety, hygiene and health.</p>

<p>“The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority sent Provincial Health Inspectors into the decommissioned facility on Monday to make an assessment.</p>

<p>“They are going to likely declare the place uninhabitable for anyone to reside as there are no longer access to basic services, water and waste and garbage is piling that is posing serious risks of exposure to contagious diseases such as dysentery and cholera".</p>

<p>Kantha said all services including security and medical services are available at the new accommodation sites and there is no reason to remain at Lombrum.</p>