Sambra Aikit Band awarded Tony Subam Fellowship

<p>The fellowship was available for bands based within Papua New Guinea that hold a strong element of cultural expression in their work.</p>

<p>It is named in honour of the late Tony Subam, former member of the Sanguma band, which pioneered the use of traditional PNG music and songs in harmony with western music.</p>

<p>Sambra Aikit has been awarded a recording session with acclaimed sound engineer and producer Emmanuel Muganaua in Port Moresby.</p>

<p>The recordings will be released on the Wantok Musik label alongside artists including George Telek, Mogu, Airileke, Ngaiire, Black Paradise and the Pidia Kaur Group featuring William Takaku.</p>

<p>Additionally, two members of the band will be flown to Brisbane, Australia to attend the Big Sound music conference to learn about ways of the world music industry.</p>

<p>Sambra Aikit formed as a collection of students from the UPNG Creative Arts course and is influenced by PNG artists Sanguma, Tumbuna 84, and Tambaran Culture.</p>

<p>The group composes songs of a strong cultural and educational purpose to carry awareness and promote education for the people of PNG.</p>

<p>Their songs focus on areas such as health, tourism, arts and culture, climate change and environmental impacts.</p>

<p>Wantok Musik label confirmed that it received many entries of high-quality standard from applicants across the country, ensuring a difficult decision for the panel of judges to decide on a final recipient.</p>

<p>The panel of music industry judges chose Sambra Aikit as the recipient of the fellowship to continue to build on exporting the different PNG sounds and performances as Tony Subam had achieved with Sanguma.</p>

<p><em>Picture courtesy of Wantok Music label&nbsp;</em></p>