Samoa hesitant over Bluesky telco deal

<p>It has been more than seven months since the owners of BlueSky, Amper SA, first made it known that it was in negotiations with ATH for the sale of BlueSky, which includes operations in American Samoa, Samoa and the Cook Islands.</p>

<p>Amper later announced that it had accepted a binding offer of $US79 million from ATH.</p>

<p>Tuilapea, who attended the inauguration of American Samoa's Governor, told&nbsp;KHJ Newssaid that he has reservations.</p>

<p>"One of my concerns is the fact that the company, that's the ultimate buyer is a compnay of the goverment of Fiji. That's the essential problem. It is okay for strictly business but when a government is involved it becomes a problem for other governments as well."</p>

<p>American Samoa's Governor has also appointed a group to get more information about the buy-out of BlueSky.</p>

<p><em>Photo:&nbsp;RNZI / Sally Round Telecommunications company Bluesky</em>&nbsp;</p>