Spectacular cloud photographed over Australia

<p>Ilya Katsman, 22, saw the weather phenomenon from a window on a flight from Perth to Adelaide.</p>

<p>Neil Bennett, from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology, said it was likely to be a wave cloud.</p>

<p>"It's like skimming a stone across a lake. The air is rising up and down in a wave motion," Mr Bennett said.</p>

<p>"Where it's going up you're getting the cloud, and where its going down you're getting the clear lines."</p>

<p>Mr Katsman said he initially thought it was a rare type of wave cloud known as the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-25/morning-glory-sighting-western-qu… glory"</strong></a>, which occurs in the country's north.</p>

<p>"The cloud is definitely impressive," Mr Katsman told the BBC.</p>

<p>"I thought it was unusual to see it so far south."</p>

<p>Mr Katsman's photos received wide attention after being shared on an airline's Facebook page, delighting weather enthusiasts.</p>



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