Tonga roads need to be maintained, ADB

<p>The ADB contributed $US5 million to the Nuku'alofa improvement project.</p>

<p>An ADB report says there's doubt the Government recognised the importance of maintenance of the improved assets.</p>

<p>Matangi Tonga reports continual maintenance of the drainage system is considered essential by the design engineers so it could do its job during periods of heavy rainfall.</p>

<p>The report reveals that cancellation of plans and reallocation of funds had compromised the goals of the five-year project.</p>

<p>The Sopu drainage channel was cancelled and funds were reallocated from core projects to non-core sub-projects in the Tonga Integrated Urban Development Sector Project, started in 2008.</p>

<p>The report notes that changes, overlaps with a Chinese-funded aid project and reorganisation of the government's Ministry of Works, created set-backs for the project.</p>

<p>There was also missing information which cast doubts over its future even though the project was completed on time and within the approved budget.</p>

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