Vanuatu MPs to get gratuity payments - even jailed ones

<p>Fifty-two members including 14 former MPs who were jailed for corruption&nbsp;in 2015 are eligible.</p>

<p>Under the law, MPs are entitled to $US35, 000 each at the end of a four-year parliamentary term.</p>

<p>The 2012 parliamentary term was dissolved by the President amid a constitutional crisis in 2015.</p>

<p>But the Financial Controller in the Parliamentary Secretariat, Willie Watson, said the figure for the jailed MPs has been adjusted because they did not serve a full term.</p>

<p>The total gratuity payout for the 52 MPs is 290 million vatu, or about $US2.5 million.</p>

<p><em>Photo:&nbsp;RNZI/ Walter Zweifel Vanuatu parliament building in the capital Port Vila.&nbsp;</em></p>